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Air Filters & Energy Use

Camfil USA : Air Filters & Energy Use

Reduce HVAC Costs

The Total Cost of Ownership for using air filters in your HVAC systems involves several elements,
including the filters, installation and removal cost, disposal, and energy. Of these costs, energy is
60-80% of the total.

Buying filters on a unit price basis can save a few dollars up-front, while not doing anything to
reduce HVAC costs related to energy.

Camfil Farr filters can reduce HVAC costs by 25-50% vs. standard low cost air filters.
Camfil Farr is the world's largest provider and purchaser of air filter media. Our filtration medias
are specifically engineered to reduce HVAC costs for energy.

Filters are manufactured using components and processes developed by Camfil Farr engineers, and
built at our own advanced machining center. Years of intensive testing in our laboratories and field
installations goes into verifying energy performance for every filter product.

Life Cycle Costing (LCC) software, developed by Camfil Farr in 1992, has helped thousands of
customers reduce HVAC costs by choosing the optimum filter.

LCC calculates total cost of ownership based on real life filter performance, rather than simplistic mathematical
models. This allows discussions of filter alternatives based on science, rather than guesswork.

Energy - The Air Filter Impact

  • North American businesses spend $450 billion annually for energy.
  • About 60% of that – $270 billion – is HVAC-related.
  • If all these facilities used Camfil Farr filters to reduce HVAC costs, and energy was
    reduced by 10%, $27 billion would be saved every year.
  • World energy consumption is projected to increase 40-50% by 2010 (US Dept. of Energy).

Reduce HVAC Costs

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